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Sustainability, An Uncertain Future  

Is Your Business At RISK?

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Savvy business owners know not to leave the future to chance. They take the necessary steps to ensure the survival of their businesses irrespective of the external environment. They follow industry trends and align with important industry issues. How aligned are you with current industry issues?

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The FUTURE STARTS TODAY! Is Your Business Prepared ?

Visionary business owners view industry trends, like an eagle rather than an ostrich. Do your current conversation priorities reflect your vision?
Click the arrow on the RIGHT to see how your priorities align with industry.


Our Products

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Reach Discerning Customers

Seafood Certification Toolkit

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Boost Customer Engagement 

Email Marketing Toolkit

Grow Your Business

Automated Customer Acquisition System

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How Reliable Is Your Quality Assurance Management Process?

While the thought of a process safety audit scares many food processing businesses owners, these should be seen as our "license to operate" as we seek to serve our customers at the highest levels.
However, business owners who take the short cut and adopt the "Do nothing approach" to quality and process safety in the short term end up always paying a much higher price later.
Is your business exposed to potential product quality and process safety audit risks?

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Festus Otasowie

With over two decades of technology industry experience, and skills acquired in management, leadership, Customer Service Management, Project and Program Management experience, Festus is employing strategic thinking to shape popular culture in business circles and demonstrating that everyone has something inside them that can be used to create great value not only for themselves and their businesses, but also for their customers and other stakeholders.
By working with business owners, entrepreneurs as well as non-profits, Festus brings his diversified wealth of experience and strategic thinking to solving everyday business and business-related personal challenges they face.
His most recent venture is in the food industry where he has developed solutions that accelerate business growth through increased sales; leveraging internet enabled technologies to boost customer acquisition, rapid product development, effective marketing and business process automation.
Amongst his most recent products is the “Automated Customer Acquisition System “, which is a lead generation product that applies strategic thinking and technology in new ways that produce outstanding results for businesses.

Connect With Festus Otasowie 




Is Your FEAR of Technology Hurting Your Food Service Business?


Technology Adoption Still An Issue

Despite initial gains from the industry's accelerated adaption of health and safety requirements  during the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears that employees and stakeholders have resorted to the habitual old way of resistance to technology change.
Unfortunately, the sad reality is that whether you like it or not, technology (especially internet technology) is NOW the major differentiator between successful and surviving Food Service businesses.
Here is our Industry Insight Report, "From Clicks to Chews: Mastering Online Marketing for Your Food Business" which is a comprehensive guide to all you NEED to know about how the internet can give your business the boost you desperately need but running away from.


It’s Tough Times Ahead


Does Happiness Elude You?

Climate change, labour issues, global supply and sourcing issues, and the list goes on and on! Will it ever end? The seafood industry doesn’t take prisoners. You already know that, or at least ought to know. You need an ally to support your business through these turbulent times 

  • Do you feel like you don't have what it takes your business to survive today's  uncertainties?
  • Does it seem like the industry "big guys" are out to get you?
  • Are you frustrated that no matter what you do, your business seems to have a mind of its own?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you feel overwhelmed by it all?

Click on the button below to learn how our business solutions can help optimize your business. Let’s us help relieve you of your business related stress and put you back on the path of happiness.


Proven Outcomes


"Testimonial 1 goes here - get a testimonial from someone you've worked with or helped who can share their thoughts about you, your products/services, the measurable wins/results they've gotten, or the customer experience you provide."



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"Testimonial 3 goes here - get a testimonial from someone you've worked with or helped who can share their thoughts about you, your products/services, the measurable wins/results they've gotten, or the customer experience you provide."



Seafood Conversations Podcast

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Episodes -Coming Soon

This podcast focuses on addressing the current issues and challenges facing the seafood industry, while also emphasizing the goal of providing solutions and strategies for navigating these challenges.  

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Episode 100- Sustainable Seafood: The Key to a Thriving Industry  Listen To More

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Episode 101- Innovations in Aquaculture: Meeting the Growing Demand for Seafood Listen To More

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Episode 102- Tackling Seafood Fraud: Protecting Consumers and the Industry  Listen To More


All Our Products

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Seafood Conversation Primers

An African proverb says “If you spend three years preparing for madness, then when will you start biting trees?
So even if you plan to “bite trees” (which we definitely hope not!), The Seafood Conversation Primers will get you there fast!

  • Command respect: Be the envy of your peers, with your industry knowledge
  • Knowledge is power: Get the understanding to talk authoritatively
  • Build Confidence: Talk about current issues with confidence
  • Lead with courage: Make decisions that sync with the industry trends
  • Customer focus: Align your business with your customers
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Seafood Certification Toolkit

Looking to learn more about sustainable seafood certification? Look no further than this two-volume "Seafood Certification Toolkit”, comprising a “How to Obtain Sustainable Seafood Certification for small and medium-Scale Producers" and the second, “The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Comprehensive Certification Guide". This informative and accessible eBook collection provides a detailed overview of the certification process for sustainable seafood, including the various certification programs and standards currently in use around the world.

  • ​Written by field experts: covers a wide range of sustainable seafood certification related topics
  • Engaging: Includes the history and evolution of certification programs
  • Wide application: Shows benefits of certification for both the environment and the industry
  • Intriguing: The challenges and controversies surrounding certification and more
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The ONE Sales SECRET Every Business Owner Should Know!

If you can’t seem to get your sales past a certain level, you should try something different. Except of course you already tried a bunch of different things and none of them seem to work!
Growing your sales shouldn’t be the harrowing, costly way -like extracting a tooth. Well that is if you know a better way to do it. We want to help.
Growing your sales for us is like choosing whether to buy a few eggs each time from the corner shop or to collect crates of eggs from your own poultry whenever you need eggs. There should always be ONE reasonable cause of action. Well, that is if someone shared the ONE SECRET that you owned a poultry farm with you.
Learn the ONE sales SECRET that every business owner should know today. Learn to take possession of your “own poultry”, and transform your sales to a whole new level.
Click on the button below to get started.
.Learning this ONE secret will:

  • ​Automate and put your sales process on autopilot - sell even when you are on vacation or indisposed and unable to work
  • Create new income streams for your business
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention as you engage better with your customers
  • Increase repeat purchase from your existing customers
  • Grow your customer base and extend it beyond those in your immediate environment
  • Give you more ways to better serve the needs of your customers
  • And much more!

Click on the button below to get started.

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C-Suite Executive Growth Series™

The C-Suite Executive Growth Series™ is part of the C-Suite Executive Growth Framework™. It includes a range of strategies, processes and tools designed to help the executive take their organization to the next level. The program includes the following seven modules:

  • ​Business strategy development: A thorough review of the organization's current business strategy, followed by the development of a new strategy that aligns with the executive's growth goals.
  • Leadership development: Leadership development training build the skills and competencies needed to lead the organization through a period of growth.
  • Financial management: Financial management training to understand the financial implications of growth and develop strategies for managing cash flow, raising capital, and optimizing financial performance.
  • Marketing and sales: Training on marketing and sales strategies that can help the organization reach new customers and expand its market share.
  • Operational efficiency: Training on operational efficiency, including process improvement, supply chain management, and other strategies for optimizing the organization's operations.
  • ​Innovation and technology: Training on innovation and technology, including strategies for developing new products and services, leveraging emerging technologies, and staying ahead of the competition.
  • Networking and collaboration: Opportunities for the executive to network with other business leaders and collaborate with peers in the industry, providing valuable insights and perspectives on growth strategies.
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C-Suite Executive Growth Masterclass™

This masterclass is the final module of the C-Suite Executive Growth Framework™.  In this final module, the C-Suite Executive uses the learning from the previous seven modules of the C-Suite Executive Growth Framework™ to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to growth, helping the executive to develop the skills, knowledge, and strategies needed to take their organization to the next level.

  • ​Develop operational excellence so you can increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency
  • ​Strategic Organizational vision: Proactiveness and courage to respond to new trends in a timely manner
  • ​Technology & Innovation: An uncanny ability to leverage technology to create innovation for the organization
  • ​Personal Leadership & Mastery: Cultivating the emotional and business intelligence that guarantees organizational stability in the face of environmental uncertainties
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They Say You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

But We Beg To Differ!

According to USA Today data, the median age of Farmers, Ranchers, and Agricultural managers in the US is 56.8 years. However, today's drag and drop internet technology is the SIMPLEST it has ever been and easy to deploy in your business. Yes you can teach very old dogs very SIMPLE tricks!
Click The Button Below And Get instant access to your copy of "From Clicks to Chews: Mastering Online Marketing for Your Food Business".


The Conversation Round Table

Sustainability and the Seafood Industry: Issues, challenges and opportunities

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Sunday, July 09, 2023

Getting started with your blog!

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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Are You Out of Ideas On How To Grow Your Food Business?

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